This is not a pandemic advice article! That’s right! Because since the start of this pandemic, we’ve all read tens of articles with advice on anything from: how to work from home, how to control anxiety at home, how to make your work space nice, how to make your time productive, how to work when you also have to manage kids, how to learn new things, why we shouldn’t take up new things…and everyone’s zen revelations and epiphanies on how they see life and work differently and what they’ve discovered in the process. You would think half of the population of the globe is becoming buddhist!

So I would just like to give everyone a breather where we don’t have to think, write down tips and dream up philosophies. Sometimes it’s ok to not be all that you can be, and it’s ok to just be :))

So without further ado, around this time it’s ok to:

  • not take a shower sometimes
  • not wash the dishes
  • not clean the house
  • clean the house excessively
  • wake up and not feel in the mood to work or get yourself organized
  • know what you have to do in a day and still not get anything done
  • just work from bed or your sofa in your pyjamas
  • not want to show your face in video calls
  • feel all over the place
  • feel all of a sudden anxious, your breath going haywire and not know why
  • sometimes feel alone
  • sometimes want to be alone and create the space to be alone
  • get easily angry or irritated
  • feel without purpose and lost
  • feel misunderstood by everyone around you
  • feel overwhelmed by everyone around you
  • not feel like doing anything in particular — don’t worry you are not depressed!
  • want to do too many things but can’t get yourself organized enough
  • overindulge in eating sweets cause that’s what you feel like doing then
  • eat just junk food for a while
  • have a drink at happy hour when any hour can be a happy hour
  • feel like nothing makes you happy, excited or satisfied
  • just want to watch movies all day or play games
  • feel like you’re making your pet uncomfortable
  • think of forcibly restraining your kids and on whether that means you’re a bad parent
  • play dodgeball with toilet paper rolls (because when you got tons, what else are you gonna do)
  • organize pandemic olympics with exclusively silly challenges?! I hear that’s a thing now!
  • ever wanted to rap but have sub zero talent for it? Go for it and go very public with it — trust me, NO ONE WILL JUDGE YOU! Plus, everyone appreciates the entertainment value in pretty much anything right now.

What I think everyone is missing from the general rhetoric is that everyone is going through this pandemic lockdown in their own way. Some are living it large, some are constrained by space and resources. Some still have jobs, some have lost their jobs. It’s like grieving — each of us processes that in a unique and different way and there is no wrong way to do it. We all know it’s crap now but at some point things will be better, and with time we all find our feet.

The only advice i will give you for all of the above is to call your best friends and talk to them about ANYTHING! It is the only thing you need to make you feel better and you will find in that answers to all your problems. You don’t need a therapist, you are not going crazy…you just need to let it all out …raw and uncut…in a symphony of chaos!

Growth Hacker and Essentialist, #Performance and all around Digital Enthusiast, user behaviour analyzer. Love reading, travelling, arts & all things Japanese.